Saturday 19th May 2018 


With the greatest of regret we have decided that we must cancel our DoD on Saturday 19th May 2018. Immediately after the announcement of the royal wedding five dance sides cancelled their attendance saying that one or more of their members has dropped out, as they prefer to watch the wedding, leaving them below strength. By 21st December 2017 we were down to 31 sides, still a good number by any standard but I fear that as sides meet for their next practice in the New Year more will drop out and any drop in numbers threatens our Morris world record attempt – I estimate we need at least 20 Morris sides for that.

The main risk was that we simply would not get the size of audience we need to cover our costs. We already knew that one section of families would stay at/go home in the afternoon to watch the football cup final but now an even bigger group will probably stay at home to watch the wedding all morning and early afternoon – by which time it will run into the football. It is very difficult to know how that will effect us but there must be a very high probability we will loose an awful lot of our audience. The last royal wedding left the town’s streets deserted. Early in the New Year we faced significant financial commitments, around £4K, to get the event rolling. It was simply too risky spend that sort of money knowing there may be a low spectator turn out especially as the bulk of our income comes from spectator collections.

Another risk was that music venue pubs would want to run their own wedding themed events with booked lunches and perhaps TVs, and so not want to be cluttered up with transient musicians and dancers. There was already a threat that pubs would want some of the afternoon reserved for football not music.

Photos courtesy and copyright of Colin Rayner Photography.